What Are the Consequences of Plagiarism in College Applications?

Most students dream of joining a good college, and of course, it is their top priority. They are busy filling out applications, writing essays, and a statement of purpose, which can help them set themselves apart from tons of university applications. In this effort, several students try to cheat by copying content from the Internet, […]

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Chinese?

In present-day, international students are increasing a lot in the worldwide universities. The Chinese students are also among them. The Chinese language is one of the famous and populated languages on the entire globe. International education is possible to explore and encourage the exchange of knowledge, diversified culture. It also builds up a relationship within […]

Empty Characters: Understanding Their Role in Writing a Copy

What Are Empty Characters? Empty characters are generally used for better readability. They are there in the form of whitespace, which is created with the help of a spacebar to ensure that words are appropriately separated.  While manually reading a document, empty characters appear as spaces between words or sometimes letters. The whitespace character isn’t […]

Cheating and Plagiarism: Why Both Go Hand in Hand

New learners are taught how to read and write. In due course, they learn to pen down their creative ideas and critically analyze texts. However, many students are inclined to use others’ work instead of working individually on a project. For these students cheating and plagiarism become the only way to complete projects. Assignments are […]

Plagiarism in College: Types, Awareness, and Prevention

Plagiarism is not a new construct. Students have been found copying text from sources without citations in the past. However, the startling rise in the number of students caught plagiarizing every year is a matter of grave concern. Plagiarism in college shows the lack of academic integrity. Students’ academic record is affected due to plagiarism, […]

5 Famous Plagiarism Cases in India You Must Know About

Plagiarism always denotes Imitation of one’s writing or thought. One can be motivated and get the idea to create something new from existing writing. But, that newly created writing must be unique with its message. Otherwise, it can contribute to the plagiarism cases in India. There is always a tendency to avoid plagiarism. When a […]

How to Check Plagiarism in Turkish

Digital publication is currently gaining popularity, and it has changed the traditional way of publication for all languages. It has become more accessible for all the companies, institutes, and students to publish their content. Here is a quick guide on how to check plagiarism in Turkish. For the students, writers, and bloggers, it is essential […]

Do Plagiarism Checkers Scan The Database For Research Journals?

Using a Plagiarism Scanner to Scan Research Journals Plagiarism can be defined as “representation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one’s own original work.” It is unethical, a mark of academic dishonesty, and can have serious problems.  If plagiarized content violates the copyright rules then it is punishable too. Thus, plagiarism harms […]

Role of a plagiarism scanner: Why content creators swear by one?

Use a plagiarism scanner as plagiarism is still rampant throughout the internet To stop the plagiarism tendency has become a tricky job. Writers and publishers have taken serious steps so that no one can copy their content. On the other hand, the plagiarists are developing themselves with new trends. Content creators can use the plagiarism […]

Check Content with Copyleaks French Plagiarism Checker

Significance of a Plagiarism Checker It is of equal importance for any language worldwide to be wholly original and come clean in the plagiarism detection software. However, not all plagiarism detection tools can be the ideal french plagiarism checker along with multiple other languages supported software that Copyleaks does. French Plagiarism Checker by Copyleaks is […]