Plagiarism Checker

by Copyleaks

Each day the world’s largest businesses and educational institutes—along with millions of students—trust our exclusive AI-powered text analysis to identify potential plagiarism and paraphrasing across nearly every language, detect AI generated content, verify ownership, and empower error-free writing.

Why Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker?

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Beyond Just Word-for-Word Plagiarism Detection

The only platform that:

  • Detects AI generated content
  • Detects multiple forms of paraphrasing
  • Performs image-based text plagiarism
  • Exposes attempts to deceive detection software
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The Only Enterprise
AI Content Detector

With 99.12% accuracy, detect with confidence whether content was written by a human or AI—including GPT4—across multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Romanian, and several others.

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Integrate with
Your Platform

Integrate the power of Copyleaks with your platform. Through the Copyleaks API or with one of our current LMS integrations, we can help you check plagiarism from your established environment.

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Key Features

Our advanced, user-friendly plagiarism checker will help you check for plagiarism and spot unauthorized content and give you the tools to eliminate it before it’s too late. With our extensive database of hundreds of millions of unique documents, you can rest assured that your work is original. Our anti-plagiarism tool operates in several easy steps and will return the results within seconds.

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AI-Powered Technology

Copyleaks uses advanced AI and Machine Learning technology to find even the slightest change and identical and paraphrased text.

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Detect AI Generated Content

Detect with confidence what was written by a human and what by AI with the first and only enterprise AI Content Detector.

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Compare two websites, including all individual web pages, against one another to find possible copyright infringement.

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Powerful API and LMS Integrations

Integrate your Learning Management Systems with Copyleaks in minutes! Or use Copyleaks API to go further and create advanced integrations.

Quotation Marks


Get an alert when suspected cheating has been found using “Character Replacement” and “White Ink” methods that would go undetected by other plagiarism checkers.

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Duplicate File
Finder Tool

Reduce your computer’s storage capacity and free up memory space by locating and removing identical files within your system.

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Plagiarism Detection in
Over 100 Languages

With one of the most extensive language databases available, you’ll have the ability to scan and detect potential plagiarism in over 100 human languages.

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Multi-layered and Extensive Search Capabilities

Our search capabilities extend past simple identical text matches. You can filter your plagiarism searches according to what you’re looking for and receive a customized report each time.

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We will break down similar results for you. All similar matches, statistics, suspected sources, and similarity percentages can be found in easy and comprehensive reports.

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Store Private Documents

Store internal documents in a secure repository and compare future documents for a more comprehensive scan and results. 

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AI Grading Tool

Receive a grade for thousands of written exams and open-ended essays with our automatic grading tool. Save endless hours while scoring essays accurately. 

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Compare source code files against one another and the internet to see if the code is original. 

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Unparalleled Search

Easily detect different levels of content duplication and multiple forms of paraphrasing with trillions of pages of original content at your fingertips, along with:

  • 16,000+ academic journals
  • 60 trillion websites
  • 1M+ internal documents
  • 20+ code data repositories
Group of Students

Work as a Team

With Copyleaks Teams, you can invite members from various departments to have access and submit their own documents for similarity checks. 

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Organizations around the World Trust Copyleaks as Their Plagiarism Checker

Who Does Copyleaks Plagiarism Scanner Cater To?

It’s easy to compare plagiarized content and avoid copyright infringement when you use Copyleaks.


Copyleaks detects plagiarism, even unintentional plagiarism, and provides an exhaustive report showing similar text and the similarity percentage. Our online tool allows you to compare your text against other sources to avoid duplicating content. We compare your document side-by-side to billions of web pages online. Once you have all the results, you can download detailed reports with accurate results and share them with students or other colleagues. In addition, you can see the source of multiple pieces of text and filter the sources according to your needs. 


Copyleaks online plagiarism checker helps ensure that your content is entirely original.

Academia & Educational Institutions

School Teachers & Faculty: It is the responsibility of school teachers and faculty to check that their students have submitted original and authentic school work. Copyleaks works to make teachers’ jobs easier by helping them determine if students have copied from online sources, a fellow student, or simply forgot to include references or quotation marks in their assignment. 


We make it easy for teachers to find plagiarism through our website and our LMS integrations, including Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace. Teachers can also organize the student assignments they have scanned by creating folders for each class.


Universities, Colleges, & PG: Universities and colleges work with Copyleaks to promote the idea of academic integrity and help students understand the importance of creating original work. By using the Copyleaks plagiarism detection platform, all university levels can check their work and adhere to writing original and plagiarism-free essays. Students can check their work to confirm that they have included all necessary references and quotations, making them less susceptible to accidental plagiarism.


Students: High school and college students should always create original work for their school assignments. Writing a plagiarism-free essay means that they have checked their references, correctly quoted all borrowed sentences, and submitted their work for a plagiarism scan. Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker for Students is great for those looking to double-check their work and know with certainty that they have created the most original work and will not be caught plagiarizing, even if it is accidental plagiarism.


Qualification Assessments & Written Exams: Checking for plagiarized content in qualification assessments is easy with Copyleaks. When using a plagiarism checker for written exams, it is essential to know that the scan will be comprehensive, accurate, and fast. Teachers and proctors want to know that the work is being checked in a way that identifies any suspected plagiarism so they can give the assignment the most accurate grade. Checking written exams most comprehensively is easy with Copyleaks content similarity detection.


Learning Management Systems: Checking for plagiarism with a learning management system is now seamless with Copyleaks LTI integrations. Instructors working with Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and Brightspace can now check students’ work from within the LMS platform and conduct a plagiarism scan when the assignment is due. 

Students can submit their assignments and receive a grade and plagiarism score side by side, making it easier for teachers to focus on other work. Copyleaks LTI integrations are easy to set up, so plagiarism checking can be done with just one quick scan.

Enterprises and Small Businesses

Publishers & Online Media: For publishers and those working in online media, keeping track of where your content is published is crucial. Copyleaks can inform you if your online content contains copyright infringement, which is helpful if you publish large quantities of content daily and routinely. With automatic scans, it’s easy to uncover if a smaller website stole the content you worked so hard on. In addition, using Copyleaks plagiarism checker will keep your published content safe from plagiarism, meaning your ideas stay yours.


Law Firms & Legal: Law firms must be responsible for checking that their work or client documents are being used properly. Many lawyers must check the similarities between two documents, and instead of going line by line, the Copyleaks comparison tool can find the differences automatically. It is essential to check for evidence of copyright infringement, and with the Copyleaks similarity checker, you will receive a comprehensive report of all similar text. Check that your documents are plagiarism-free with Copyleaks.


Websites: Before you launch your new website or upload any new content, it’s essential to be sure that all content created is plagiarism-free. Copyleaks plagiarism checker can scan the text throughout your website and give you a full report with similar sources so you can see if there is any accidental plagiarism or duplicate content. After your website content has been published, you can always scan the internet to ensure no one has stolen text passages without your consent.


Bloggers & Writers: For bloggers and writers constantly creating new content, it’s crucial that the safety of your original work is a top priority. Copyleaks helps you check that once your content is published online, you can find out if others have stolen your content without permission. You can routinely do a full scan and receive comprehensive results about where else your work has been used. With the Copyleaks plagiarism checker, you will never have to worry about duplicate content hurting your hard work.

How Does Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker Work?

The Copyleaks plagiarism checker can detect all types of plagiarism using artificial intelligence technology. Once you have created an account, it’s easy to upload your document and use the tool to check for plagiarism. Once your document is scanned, you can compare your text against billions of online sources and Copyleaks’ internal database to ensure plagiarism-free. 


This process only takes a few seconds to complete, making it a fast plagiarism tool to use whenever you need it. Copyleaks’ plagiarism detector will seamlessly check for plagiarism within content, even if unintentional, and display a fully comprehensive report. This will show the identified similar text and the similarity percentage and even allows you to compare your text against any other sources with its copy checker feature. You can also see three layers of text similarity and filter the sources according to your needs. 


Once you do so, you can download the report containing accurate results and share them with students or colleagues. Our plagiarism checker online helps you be sure that content is entirely original, providing you with a simple-to-use plagiarism tool that will always detect issues before they become a bigger problem, allowing you to act fast.

Importance of a Reliable Plagiarism Detector

A plagiarism detector gives the final approval that your content or student’s work is entirely original. This is incredibly important in today’s society, where many people may forget to check for plagiarism when writing essays or producing online content. Whether the content will be read by two or two million people, checking for plagiarism against multiple online sources is crucial. This way, you will have 100% certainty that the text has not been stolen. 


Using a plagiarism detector is as common as checking for spelling errors, and with Copyleaks, we do the hard work for you by showing you how to check for plagiarism if you have never done so. All you have to do is upload the text, and within seconds, you can have a fully comprehensive report of your submitted copy.

Why Use a Plagiarism Scanner?

Using a plagiarism checker online is common practice in today’s digital world. So whether you’re a teacher who needs an essay or thesis checker, a writing agency who needs an SEO plagiarism checker, or a lawyer who wants to use a plagiarism scanner to compare files online, we have created our plagiarism checker online with you in mind. 


After working so hard on an assignment, it’s easy to forget to include references accidentally. That’s why it’s so important to check for plagiarism in your paper before it is seen by anyone else. Copyleaks can even be a code plagiarism checker for computer science classes. 


Try Copyleaks today, so you’re not accidentally caught up with work that isn’t yours. Want to know more about how to check plagiarism in your work? 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can integrate our plagiarism checker API directly into your application or website. All you have to do is to sign up for the API key and then log into the API. Once done, create a process using any of the four ways; get the status of the process you used and the results of the scan. The result is a detailed comparison report, with similar content and related statistics.

Similarly, you can integrate our API with your internal database, Learning Management System (LMS), online learning platform, writing tools, and SEO authoring tools for plagiarism detection.

Of course, any plagiarism tool can miss small elements. However, we work hard at Copyleaks to make sure that we provide an extensive plagiarism checker that checks your work to ensure 100% authenticity.

With Copyleaks, we use the very best of AI, Machine learning, Multi-Language capability, and Multi-Layered and extensive search capabilities to provide you with the most accurate plagiarism results.

Though you are inputting your work into a plagiarism checker, it is important to note that we will never steal your work. We will check your work for plagiarism and will allow you to download a report based on our checks.

Our AI Content Detector is the only platform that can detect multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese, with more languages to be introduced shortly. English accuracy is over 99%, and the accuracy of other languages is not far behind and getting more accurate daily.