Here is Why You Should Not be Copying SOPs for University Admissions


Significance of scanning SOPs with university plagiarism checker in UK

SOP is the short form for Statement of Purpose. As the name suggests, it outlines the purpose of a student who wishes to enroll in a particular course. It is written in the format of an essay that has several parts. Therefore, scanning SOPs with university plagiarism checker becomes necessary.

The paragraphs are written cohesively. The SOP conveys the reason behind choosing an academic course.

Educational qualifications are there, along with related work experience. It is best to avoid lists in the SOP. The focus is on making meaningful paragraphs.

The standard SOP format has to be followed. However, downloading a sample SOP and submitting it is not going to aid the applicant.

The SOP or Statement of Purpose is a comprehensive essay written by students. It helps them to apply for undergraduate or graduate courses in foreign universities.

Most universities specifically demand the submission of an SOP with the application form. All application forms are submitted to the office of admissions at a University.

Along with the academic details submitted by the student in the application form, the review committee considers the SOP of the student for admission purposes.

A well-written SOP that corresponds to the student’s academic qualification is suitable for acquiring admission in the selected course of study.

Browsing is Okay. Copying Isn’t

Thorough research is required to find out the most suitable course and university that fit an individual’s career choice.

While writing the SOP, it is essential to outline the reason behind choosing a specific study field.

There is multiple sample SOPs present on the internet. Students often are misled into copying information from those samples. There is no problem with browsing sample SOPs for understanding the format.

However, word for word copy-pasting from samples defeats the primary purpose of an SOP.

In case, a student unintentionally plagiarizes from a sample SOP. The problem can be fixed by scanning the essay with a plagiarism tool.

Know Citation Styles and Format

The common types of plagiarism often plague students while writing essays. Quotations are often used in SOPs to explain the students’ perspective. Undergraduate students are generally acquainted with a research paper and essay writing.

The inclusion of quotes and references require citations in research papers. In essays, the format of citing reference sources is slightly different.

However, quotes are always mentioned within quotation marks. In the case of SOP, using references for highlighting the individual point of view is acceptable.

Nevertheless, it is always essential to cite the sources. In simple words using someone else’s work as a personal idea is undesirable. A paid or a free online plagiarism checker with percentage is useful in marking out errors in the SOP essay.

It helps applicants and prevents the submission of SOPs that have plagiarized text and other errors.

The Function of SOPs in the Admission Process

After high school, individuals need to select their career path. Getting admission in graduate courses is the next logical step for most students. However, this decision has to be made after careful consideration.

There are multiple courses offered by different universities. It is usual for universities to receive countless admission requests from students all around the globe. SOP is a crucial piece that reveals the intention and determination of the student.

In the SOP, students need to describe their decision to seek admission to the university under a particular course. It is crucial to write the SOP convincingly.

It has to clearly show the officials the intention of the student to seek admission to their university.

It is essential to find out whether the university requires an SOP along with the application. In case the student is not sure, or nothing is mentioned on the university website, it is sensible to include an SOP with the application.

The admission department gets a clear idea about the student’s effort in acquiring admission in the course. On the other hand, as a student writing an SOP is beneficial in very many ways.

It helps the individual in deciding on the course of study. It is also helpful in charting the plan.

Aspects To Consider While Writing an SOP

The SOP has to be grammatically correct. The whole essay has to be proofread for mistakes. Submitting an SOP that has grammatical or spelling errors lowers the chances of the applicant from getting enrolled.

It is, therefore, suitable to write the SOP carefully. A draft can be made that lists the points that are to be included in the SOP. SOP allows creativity. It does not mean that pictures or colorful fonts can be used. The creativity is limited to the written matter.

Extremely verbose passages are not required. Keeping the entire essay simple and consistent with the application is more critical. Students often tend to take the shortcut of copying SOPs.

Lack of confidence in their writing style propels students to plagiarize from samples. However, the experience and intention of an individual cannot be expressed by another person.

The focus has to be on creating the essay in a personal way. It had to state the individual struggles of the student clearly. It needs to include the abilities of the applicant.

The reason for joining the chosen institute is also an important aspect. The reason has to be written solely by the student.

Writing down phrases or sentences describing the reputation of the university is not required in the SOP. Instead, the SOP needs to mention why the student feels that the specific university is the best fit.

After acquiring a fair idea about the format of the SOP, it has to be written individually. Thus, it is vital to write the SOP in simple English without plagiarizing content from samples.

Result of Similar Texts in SOPs

The presence of slightly similar phrases in individual SOPs is not seen as plagiarism. It is usual to find some well-known catchphrases in one or more SOPs. However, copied SOPs are not individually crafted.

It is a sample or the SOP of a senior student that is used by another student. The practice of requesting seniors for their SOPs is common. Reading the SOPs of previous students is not a bad idea.

Reviewing samples helps in understanding the structure of the SOP. However, substituting one’s name in the senior student’s SOP and submitting it to the review board is plain cheating. The individual goals and thought-process of a person cannot be replicated.

Therefore, copying an SOP is equal to dishonesty. In a copied SOP, the applicant is not stating the real intention of studying the subject.

A simple plagiarism check is enough to reveal the copied nature of an SOP. To avoid plagiarism, writing the SOP creatively without copying lines from the sample or other sources is necessary.

An essay that wholly focuses on personal experiences, triumphs, and decision-making cannot have copied text. Hence, plagiarism is to be strictly avoided.

University plagiarism checker UK is adept at finding plagiarized SOPs. In most cases, applicants who have copied SOPs from the internet or taken SOPs from other students will not get the opportunity to get enrolled in the course. It is prudent to steer away from the habit of copy-pasting while writing SOPs.


Text matches are not uncommon in the case of SOPs. However, copying samples from the internet is unacceptable. University plagiarism checker UK is an efficient plagiarism detector.

It helps in highlighting copied content in the text. Hence, international students can use plagiarism checker UK to review their SOPs for plagiarism.

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