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2023 was an unprecedented year for Copyleaks and the tech industry as a whole in the wake of the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the subsequent AI models that followed. Thanks to our decade of machine learning and comprehensive AI text analysis software, our team was the first to market with our award-winning AI Detector, supplying the necessary data for education, businesses, and the individual user to help make informed decisions around responsible AI adoption. 

Furthermore, as AI continued to evolve, so did our product suite. With the GenAI Governance and Compliance release and our Codeleaks AI Source Code Detector, we expanded our offerings to support rising concerns around securing proprietary data, the risks of AI-generated source code, AI copyright infringement, and more. 

We experienced extraordinary growth as a company in 2023, both in expanding our team and in partnerships with Moodle, D2L, Open LMS, and more. As this year comes to a close, it’s evident that we are just getting started with the age of AI. I’m excited to see what 2024 brings, and if this year was any indication of what’s to come, the Copyleaks team is already two steps ahead in supporting our customers.

Thank you for being part of an outstanding year for Copyleaks. Here’s to our journey together in 2024. 

Alon Yamin, CEO and Co-Founder of Copyleaks 

Product & Feature Announcements

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Company Announcements

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Case Studies

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