Does Sakai LMS Check for Cheating and Plagiarism?

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Sakai is a free-to-use learning management system (LMS) designed by educators to support both teachers’ and students’ needs. This fully open-source virtual learning system helps research, teaching, and collaboration. Being simple and flexible, Sakai LMS offers both the teachers and students the best learning experience either online or in person. Sakai offers various features to help your educational institution build courses, give assignments, send notifications, and conduct exams. What about the originality of the content students post?

Does Sakai LMS check for cheating and plagiarism?    

To learn more about this, you need to first know the features Sakai offer.

What Are the Features Offered by Sakai?

Sakai is known for its robust set of features, and they include:

  • Easy Communication and Collaboration

With a number of synchronous and asynchronous tools, Sakai offers robust communication options and support for higher education students, who can learn and work in teams. The tools can be used to make announcements, create a calendar, engage in chats, send email to students, conduct discussions through forums, research topics and review sessions.

  • Development and Delivery of Courses Effectively

With this learning management system LMS, you can design your course easily. The integrated tools help you create and organize the material; use internal and external resources; prepare assignments, tests and quizzes; attach URLs, videos and other files to your lessons; and share or upload files for the participants to refer or learn. Sakai allows you to use Google Drive and OneDrive to store your files and manage podcasts too.

  • Grading and Assessment

With Sakai, you can assess and grade students’ paper and provide detailed feedback to them. The assessment and grading can be done both online and offline using the tests and quizzes tool, which helps create questions of various types, add a time limit, set randomized questions, allow multiple submissions, and more. Some of the options such as the honour pledge, group submissions and peer review make Sakai quite useful. The system helps you create grading rubrics and manage them using forums, tests and quizzes and gradebook tools.

  • Easy Integration with Other Applications

Sakai is recognized for its extensive API, which helps it integrate with most external applications. This includes integrating with plagiarism detection software to help educators check the students’ academic paper for originality and maintain high standards of learning among students. An educational institution can enhance the overall quality of education and enjoy other benefits by integrating a reliable plagiarism checking tool plugin with Sakai.

What Do Plagiarism Checkers Do?

Plagiarism detectors are designed to offer a comprehensive solution to educational institutions, including teachers and instructors to ensure that all student submissions are original and do not have any plagiarized content. A school or university using any open-source learning management systems like Sakai can have an API integration with a plagiarism checker to make sure that the class assignments or online test students submit are free of duplicate content.

With an integrated plagiarism checking tool, you can scan the student paper and compare it with trillions of sources such as URLs, academic journals, student papers, and so on. In case there is any copied content, student can revise it. Using an advanced plagiarism software, you can even find out paraphrased and similar sentences. The artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology helps not only conduct extensive search but also compare student paper with other journals or paper written earlier for any matches.

The latest tool is equipped with the cheat-detection feature, which can detect any replaced or hidden characters in the paper. It prevents a student from cheating and instead help him or her maintain academic honesty. The software accepts any format of files such as doc, pdf, ppt, jpg, etc., and allows you to filter your searches based on your requirement.

A plagiarism detector is compatible with any learning management systems, which use Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace and Blackboard. When grading the students, you can scan the paper and get both the grade and detailed plagiarism report simultaneously.  

Integrating a Plagiarism Checker with Sakai

Integrating a plagiarism detector with Sakai LMS offers numerous benefits, and the most important ones are you can ensure that there is no duplicate content in students’ assignments, check any types of text files on your LMS platform, and ensure that the grades offered are based on students’ skills. Moreover, you can offer the Sakai plagiarism checker tool combined with the students attending online classes to help them scan their papers before submissions.

Any plagiarism checker to integrate with Sakai needs a subscription. It offers numerous subscription plans to help you choose the suitable one. For integration with Sakai, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Log into your account on the specific plagiarism software website
  • Go to the administrative section
  • Choose the option ‘Integration’ in the ‘Advanced features’ and click it
  • Create a new integration by clicking the ‘Install plugins’
  • Once done, upgrade your LMS database to a new version
  • Create your API password and save it
  •  Integrate the plugin with the Sakai management section

A reliable and effective plagiarism checker facilitates seamless API integration into Sakai LMS. With an effective API-LMS amalgamation, you get to have versatile features like internal operations management and contact database synchronization. Educational institutions or SEO organizations thus find the plagiarism detection process very convenient. When Sakai can help you deliver valuable online courses using a variety of tools, it is essential that it should also ensure that your students should not cause unintentional plagiarism or self-plagiarism. This is possible if Sakai LMS can check for cheating and plagiarism with the support of a reliable scanning tool.

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