How to Check for Plagiarism in Bengali

Free online plagiarism checker in Bengali

Among the top 100 languages, spoken and written around the world, Bengali acquires the 4th position. People from the Bengali ethnicity are there in countries such as Bangladesh, India, and others. Wide variety of Bengali content is there in both academic and non-academic arena.

Free online plagiarism checker in Bengali

The chances of finding plagiarized Bengali content is there because of two reasons. First, there are vast sources of Bengali content on the internet. Second and the most important reason is that they are readily available on the internet. Thus, the creation of plagiarized free content becomes a tough job. Thus, the multi-language plagiarism checking tool gains importance in this case.

Plagiarism is an act of dishonesty and a breach of ethics. It is a pressing concern for students and writers as they have to navigate a considerable amount of research in a limited period. Instances of plagiarism have been steadily rising due to the easy availability of content on the internet, where subject relevant materials are readily available in any language.

Every case of plagiarism is inspected with utmost seriousness and may lead to difficulties in a person’s academic and professional career. Hence conforming to one duplicate content checker before submitting any work is a safer approach and helps to create original content.

Authorities thoroughly screen every research or academic paper, and any instance of plagiarism goes through serious investigation. Thus it is better to check for duplicated content to maintain academic integrity and create high-quality academic papers.

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Scan Bengali Documents Easily

Submission of the Bengali content can be in any text file type, raw text or URL, and multiple formats. The online plagiarism checking tool uses cloud computing to search millions of databases to check for similar content on the internet. Copyleaks is an AI, and machine learning-powered online tool to check for plagiarized content. One can:

  1. Snap photos of Bengali document  to be reviewed in real-time
  2.  Insert URL links to be scanned
  3.  Upload text files like PDF, DOC, and file formats such as these.

Easy Text Compare

The online text compares from other documents for similar content and provides a full report showing similar passages. Copyleaks is an online tool that checks for duplicate content by uploading documents from other platforms including Microsoft Word and Google Docs and gives a full report of similar text from within the document.


It allows easy screening of Bengali documents and provides a comprehensive report on the textual similarity with percentage. Highlighted plagiarized parts make the job of the writer simpler.

The Easily Integrated Copyleaks API

It easily integrates with existing systems for an efficient and automatic content scan. It uses many ready-to-use codes in many languages supporting different file formats, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, RTF, and more. Routine scans can be scheduled to check if there is the usage of the web page’s content elsewhere.

Check for Plagiarism Using Mobile App

Checking for plagiarised content is with the Copyleaks mobile app. It is a user-friendly way to check for plagiarism on the go. Snap a photo of physical text to be scanned in real-time or upload text files to check for plagiarism. Confirm originality and avoid plagiarism using sophisticated software that scans a textual content in Bengali.

How the Security of the Files Maintained?

Copyleaks uses an encrypted connection (SSL) to protect the Bengali files online and also help avoid future infringements. Hence, it is one more reason why people avoid free plagiarism checkers for students and use paid tools such as Copyleaks.

User-friendly software to check Bengali Documents

The results are easy to understand as the sources are displayed. The percentage of text found in other sources is available and highlighted. 

Every document undergoes a thorough sentence check for the text to give the most reliable, along with, accurate results. This efficient plagiarism checker helps detect grammatical or structural similarities to help check papers and other documents.

Checking every sentence manually for unintentional plagiarism, unfortunately, takes much time and there’s a possibility of repeating someone else’s statement, mistakenly. Tools, such as Copyleaks, which is a multi-language plagiarism checker assures quality with Bengali content. These tools also help in grammar checking making the work of the writer easier.

Thus it is a natural alternative to manual inspection as it saves time and is more efficient due to its extensive database and availability in a variety of languages. Start checking the Bengali document with Copyleaks today.