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Avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism in Australia

Plagiarism is the illegal copying of an article without the permission of the writer. Plagiarism in most countries does not have a separate law. There are copyright-related laws that help the writer protect their right on the work for these countries.

Stern punishment concerning plagiarism is not there in Australia. However, NESA recorded that 50% of the time students plagiarize in exams. The institutions have taken serious steps against them by marking them with a big zero. With time the institutions are revising their policies related to plagiarism. It shows that they are now recognizing plagiarism to be an actual offense.

Know about copyright laws and plagiarism in Australia

Australian Government has a law that ensures the right of a creator on their creation. The ‘Copyright Act 1968’ allows the author to have complete ownership of their work.

It applies to any work produced in Australia. The Copyright laws in Australia give some owner-exclusive rights to the creators of artistic works. It includes musical pieces, books, video games, broadcasts, and other such artistic works.

The Copyright laws in Australia prevent any further or tamper of the artistic work or any illegal distribution of it without the copyright holder’s permission. The only defense against the Copyright Act is ‘fair use.’

The Idea of “Fair Use”

The word ‘fair use’ is the terminology to regard the artistic idea for research purposes or studies. The student can only copy a portion of the work, which is permitted until it is ‘fair use.’

If the students copy the whole work, then it will be an instance of plagiarism. The university may take action based on their policy because plagiarising a paper is against academic integrity.

The university students who are submitting their papers must be careful about the copied content issue. All acts of plagiarism are not copyright infringement. The students need to be careful about not violating copyright law.

The students need to acknowledge the author of the original article. In this way, they can avoid plagiarism.

●       The ‘Academic Regulations’ for higher degrees of research comes under section 14.

●       Plagiarism in Australia comes under article 14.2, which is ‘Research misconduct.

Know how to avoid agents and agencies?

Australia is one of the countries that have a steady economy. Hence, they are attracting engineers from different parts of the world. Australia is also providing skilled employees with a higher minimum wage than most other countries.

It is the reason many skilled engineers prefer working in Australia. Australian Government’svisa applications have specific terms and conditions, and they have multiple choices of category for it. Many people are interested in getting a working holiday visa, which lasts for 12 months.

Later the terms of service can be extended based on the extension of the visa. It is mandatory to sit for CDR assessment to get jobs in Australia.  

Significance of a CDR report

The CDR test is crucial for getting a job. For getting a job, the companies may not solely judge candidates based on their academic qualifications. They consider the CDR application.

The CDR report talks about the experience of the candidate. However, not in a tabular format. Instead, in an essay format, quite similar to a term paper.

Many people decide to take the agencies’ help to pass the CDR examination, but it comes with certain risks. Often the writing services submit plagiarized CDR reports. It results in the cancellation of further progress.

There are chances that the writer can take legal aids to protect his right to his work. Avoid such conditions by not taking help from the agencies.

Understanding the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing

There is a fine line between plagiarism and paraphrasing. On occasions, people may tend to unify both terms, but these terms are different and have their significance. When someone copies the work of another person without crediting him/her, then it is plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a form of stealing. When someone takes the idea of the work and then rephrases it, then it is called paraphrasing.

It has the idea and essence of the original work but the words of the content creator. The student can condense or shorten the idea the original text has expressed according to their preference.

If the students are not willing to use quotations, then they must paraphrase the work. Even for the paraphrase, they need to do the citation. Otherwise, it may get misunderstood as plagiarism.

The difference between the two-term ‘plagiarism’ and ‘paraphrasing’ lies in their similarity to the original text. Therefore, for paraphrasing, the student can express the idea in their own words. However, they must not use already written words.

Pupils can use plagiarism checkers for students. It can help them to identify if their paraphrasing is close enough to s plagiarized text

Using a plagiarism checker

Since most universities take plagiarism seriously, it is convenient for the students to check for plagiarism before submitting their work. The institute may consider the act of plagiarism as academic misconduct that can affect the students when they will go to find work. These plagiarism checkers can identify the copied part instantly.

If the students upload their research paper on these online plagiarism checkers Australia, then comparison becomes much faster and easier. These free online plagiarism checkers have well and several resources that are not even available on search engines.

Manual plagiarism detection with the help of search engines can be faulty. It is also very time-consuming. The online plagiarism checker works to identify the duplicate parts of the writing instantly.

They also generate the percentage of plagiarism. The students who have used paraphrased content may be able to identify if their work is considered plagiarism. The student can correct the part by using quotation marks and citations.

Since any professional needs to maintain clarity in their academics and career, it is essential to use plagiarism checker Australia.

Many consider plagiarism to be a sensitive issue. Therefore it is most important to produce a paper that has no duplicate content in it. It may help the students to get a better grade. It may help to generate an overall good impression while working in Australia.

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