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Automatically and accurately grade large volumes of open-ended written assignments with the Copyleaks AI Grader, the only online grade calculator that doesn’t just assist with the grading process but computes a grade for you. Our mission is to fix the discrepancy between human errors when grading long essay examinations while saving time in the process.

Grading large volumes of open-ended answers can take thousands of hours and many resources. Using automated grading software such as Copyleaks AI Grading Tool drastically cut hours off grading tens of thousands or even millions of essays to give your students a more accurate, unbiased grade for written assignments fast.

Automated Grading Software – Use Our Essay Grader Today

Try our online grade calculator today and take the hassle out of manually grading open-ended standardized tests. It’s a process that can take many hours for just a dozen exams, but with our AI grading tool, you can seamlessly analyze and grade large volumes of written tests at once. Based on your grading data and preferences, our AI grading tool (paper grader) can read essays and compute a grade that fits into your system’s predetermined grading scale in a matter of minutes.

Using the Copyleaks AI Grading Tool, you’re able to replace graders with advanced technology powered by Copyleaks to assign accurate, unbiased grades and to determine the average score in high volumes. Our automated grading software learns what a perfect (and less than perfect) essay is in just a few seconds based on initial data input.

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Paper Grader: What is the AI Grading Tool?

The Copyleaks automated essay grader software is for those who want to grade open-ended questions for written standardized exams in high volumes. The AI Grading Tool is ideal for test examinations, AP exams, board exams, standardized testing, and more written exams. Eliminate the need for different people to grade tens of thousands of essays and use the Copyleaks AI Grading Tool to read, analyze, and determine the grade in less than a minute per essay.

With test examinations, every sentence must be analyzed to know what a perfect score should be comprised of. Through artificial intelligence and your own grading data, our system can understand the ideal language that should be in the essay, compares it against other essays you have already assigned a score for, and accurately determines the correct grade.

How does it work?

The Copyleaks Grading Tool is credible, not biased, and can assign a grade through an automatic artificial intelligence algorithm that learns exactly what should be included in the student essay, according to your requirements. The Grading tool is not affected by any external factors, only determining a grade based on the actual quality of the work.

By learning your grading process and preferences, our tool can imitate your manual grading specifications to then consistently determine an accurate grade, every time, in any language.

Automate the entire grading process by using our paper grader, so your team can focus on more important tasks at hand.

During our trials, we received very successful results from institutions around the world. Currently, the tool can grade large volumes of open-ended written assignments in subjects heavy in text like History, English, etc. The tool can replace human test graders completely, with a small sample size of 500 tests for the AI algorithm to learn the patterns. The results from our pilot tests show that, on average, we were less than 1 point apart (out of 100) than human graders, in less than 1% of the total results.

Scans in all languages​

Our tool is able to handle large volumes of documents, scans text in all languages, and works fast to provide you with an accurate grade.​

Supports High Volumes​

Our tool can accurately grade large numbers, including millions of exams in very little time.​

Fast Grades and Results​

In just a few minutes, every essay will be assigned an accurate grade so you can remove teachers from the bottleneck role.​

Accurate and Unbiased​

We are computing all grades based on your own data and preferences, along with advanced AI technology, to consistently produce the most accurate and unbiased scores.​

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