How to Protect Your Intellectual Property with Copyright

Using Plagiarism Checker for Protecting Contents

Copyright means a person’s right to his original work for a number of years so that other people can’t copy or publish that particular thing. Plagiarism has become a very common problem these days. It’s messing up with the creative writer’s bright future.

The term ‘intellectual property’ applies to each original creation, like artistic works, design, literary works, inventions, symbols, computer codes, names, images etc. It is also popularly known as patents, inventions, and trademarks. To copyright one’s creativity has become really important due to the ongoing plagiarism issues. It’s morally, ethically and legally wrong to copy other people’s original work. That’s why nowadays academicians and writers use plagiarism checkers.

What Academic Researcher should be Aware of?

People with an academic background, like teachers, professors and writers should focus on doing creative work and they also need to protect their original work by turning them into copyrighted work. No need to say that grammar check is also very crucial, especially, in the case of the academic papers where a lot depends including the grades and the future of the writer depends on the paper that’s being written.

It is crucial these days for academics and researchers to make sure that their academic papers and research paper are protected with copyright. At times they are also the victim of plagiarized content, hence they need to keep an eye on the original work of authorship and ensure that the plagiarism checker works properly. They should not submit any types of important documents before checking them once or twice. If there some sort of plagiarism occurs, then the culprit should be punished with duplicate content penalty according to the copyright act of 1976.

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Reasons Behind Producing Duplicate Content

Not everyone is a thief; people don’t always consciously do plagiarism. Sometimes a particular copy of the work matches with another copy mainly because the writers have not done the research properly and also because the writer does not have that much command over the language. 

However, whatever the case may be copying someone else’s work is unethical apart from being illegal. So, without wasting any more time, people should detect plagiarism.

Why Copyleaks is a Better Plagiarism Tool?

There are some free tools available, which are used to avoid plagiarism, such as Duplichecker, Paper Rater and Copyleaks. Copyleaks is one of the best software to stop plagiarism. It provides full protection from content-stealing thieves and the best part is that it is totally free. That’s why people who are regularly using the internet for studies and researches and writings, should definitely give a try to this amazing plagiarism detector.

Ways to Protect Content with Copyright

There are many good duplicate content checkers available online, which help people to find out whether they have any copied content or not. But not every tool is completely reliable. That’s the reason why the copyright act was made so that it can fully protect people’s intellectual property.

Sometimes people need information from other’s writings. So before doing that, they need to check if the content is already being copyrighted, by simply using copyright checker. There are several kinds of copyright tools in the market, which provides full protection.

Now people can take some steps to protect their own work from plagiarism. The ways are discussed below:

1) Deterrent actions:

  • People should register their sites with DMCA and also add their badges to let other people know that the content is already being copyrighted.
  • They should post a copyright notice on their website to make others aware of the fact that they know their rights as a content creator. It will remind the copycats that plagiarism is still a criminal offense.
  • Writers and academicians also include DO NOT COPY badge from duplicate writing checking sites to warn plagiarists from stealing.
  • The last but not the least is to record and to keep a copy of each write-up that’s being created; that will eventually help people to prove who the original writer is.

2) Use of duplicate content detector and monitor tools:

  • In this case, everyone should use search engines, like Google Search to scrutinize the internet for special parts in their writing. They should also use quotation marks to enhance the most appropriate result in their structure of the words.
  • People, in general, should monitor their own creation to protect it from plagiarism. There are many types of software available that will notify people if their writing or part of writing has been stolen by someone else. Then they contact the guilty person and take proper legal action against him.
  • Sometimes people unknowingly plagiarize, be it reading just another article or copying other people’s labor of love. The duplicate content checking tools allow people to scan their content by using the batch search feature to find out if they have plagiarized accidentally. It will also show the total percentage of plagiarism happened.

3) Take logical steps after catching a thief:-

  • The writers, researchers, and academicians should collect evidence as much as possible to prove that they are the real writers of the contents. Mundane things like screenshots can also be used as proof.
  • Gather the content stealer’s contact info, be it an address, phone number or email id. At first, the content writer should ask them politely to stop copying their hard work. Sometimes the request can be effective, the culprit can omit their copied post, but at times the thieves can become very stubborn and decline their request, in that case, the original author should simply show them the evidence that they have collected against them.
  • If the conversation doesn’t turn out to be effective, then the next logical thing to do is to contact the hosting company of their websites and tell them about the person, who’s been stealing the writer’s content. They will immediately delete the subscriber.
  • If the result is still not fruitful, then they can send a ‘cease and desist’ letter to the guilty person to let him know that the writers are officially claiming their authority.
  • The writers are also able to file a copyright complaint, which can gradually convert into a lawsuit against the copyright offender. It will cost him a lot of time, money even can put him behind the bars.
  • The rules and regulations are applicable to everybody. People should ask themselves if what they are doing is right. If anyone is interested to show his original writing to the online people, then plagiarism needs to be stopped for good.


Nobody intentionally wants to be a cheater or a thief. That’s why everybody should be encouraged to create genuine and unique content. Every person needs help with something. But that doesn’t mean stealing is right. 

Taking help from books and online articles available is an important option to produce original content and after doing hard work it is important to protect the content from theft. The best solution is to copyright the work so that others can’t have them, and even after that if people try to steal, they face the ultimate consequences.

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