Plagiarism Meaning in Tamil: Understanding Duplication in Literature

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Major plagiarism scam in scientific papers of Annamalai University featured in The Wire has reinforced the need for understanding plagiarism meaning in a broader scope. The disturbing news regarding plagiarism has surfaced in Tamil Nadu. The Annamalai University, which predominantly deals with research, has been found guilty of plagiarism.  200+ Papers by Annamalai Univ Scientists Contain Plagiarism, Manipulation (

Elisabeth Bik conducted a thorough review of scientific papers for data manipulation for almost three months. On November 5, she published her findings in a blog post.

Fraudulent data and shoddy research work abound in such plagiarized research papers. Principal scientific advisor K. Vijay Raghavan has stated that he would forward the problematic issue to the university’s Chancellor.

Plagiarism meaning in Tamil basically means a copying of content piece from someone else’s work and is presented as your own. The act has its own consequences and to avoid this there advance plagiarism detector tools that can detect plagiarism in different languages & help fix the errors for the detected content.

The Extent of Plagiarism in the Published Papers

The problem is quite deeply rooted in the case of Annamalai University because the vice-chancellor who is responsible for curbing research misconduct is guilty of the same. The Vice-chancellor is implicated in this fraudulent research publication.

However, it is not just text copying. The 200 papers that contain plagiarism contain a substantial amount of image manipulation. In the case of image manipulation, it is harder to detect repetitive aspects. The vice chancellor’s research papers have abundant instances of image duplication.

Gross scientific mistakes are observable in such papers where pattern repetition has been detected. However, this is not the end of the plagiarism saga of Annamalai University. The research scholars have published papers with unrealistic conclusions.

It results in shallow research work and data copying. To have a large number of published articles, people often resort to such malpractices. Unintentional mistakes can also lead to plagiarism problems.

But giving an excuse for shoddy research is not acceptable. Many journals take a fee for publishing so-called scientific papers, but in reality, do not conduct any effective screening of the submitted research papers.

The Utility of Anti-Plagiarism Software

In an era where plagiarism is becoming a portent problem, there is a need to avoid plagiarism. To control the widespread publication of plagiarized papers by scholars from well-known universities, the University Grants Commission has introduced the proposal of conducting a qualitative examination of Ph.D. theses.

The lack of a suitable penalty for publishing plagiarized papers aggravated the problem. However, in today’s world, it is not easy to get away with plagiarism. Sophisticated artificial intelligence software has been developed to detect almost every form of data and image manipulation in different languages.

It is vital to check a paper for plagiarism. In today’s technologically advanced world, it is relatively easy to check for plagiarism. There are software applications that help individuals to compare text and check academic papers for possible duplicate content.

The necessity of avoiding plagiarism stems from the simple fact that publishing plagiarized papers hampers the research career. Using plagiarized content is unethical but might not always lead to a lawsuit.

However, when content is stolen from a copyrighted work, it becomes a legal offense. The research scholar who intentionally uses data from a copyrighted source is bound to face such an offense’s legal consequences.

Proven Cases of Plagiarism in Papers Raise Questions About the Integrity of the Researcher.

One can avoid such unsavory consequences and legal cases by employing AI anti-plagiarism software. Copyleaks has developed a highly efficient plagiarism detector that can scan academic papers for or all kinds of plagiarism.

Apart from highlighting copy-pasted paragraphs, the Copyleaks AI anti-plagiarism software is adept at finding special characters’ deliberate use for manipulating plagiarism reports. This software employs human reasoning capabilities to detect hidden plagiarism instances that are skipped by general plagiarism checkers.

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

Writing a research paper is a painstaking task. Researchers do not always attempt to plagiarized content from other works. But research scholars can be found guilty of plagiarism if there is an intentional mistake in the dissertation.

Unintentional plagiarism also raises the question of ethical responsibility. It is vital to employ a plagiarism detector for checking the paper to ensure that plagiarism is absent in academic people.

With efficient software, it is easy to compare text and find duplicate content. The plagiarism report generated by a plagiarism checker is useful in fixing unintentional plagiarism issues in the research paper.

Selecting the best plagiarism checker is essential. It is best to examine the features of the plagiarism checker. Highly sophisticated plagiarism-checker usually employs artificial intelligence for checking plagiarism in academic papers.

It is relatively easy to use a plagiarism checker. The document that requires plagiarism scanning has to be uploaded on the plagiarism checking site. The software application then scans the file for plagiarism. One can install the plagiarism checking application on the mobile device for checking essential documents.

The Aid Provided by Copyleaks Software

Copyleaks has developed an innovative software solution. Their plagiarism scanner is adept at scanning documents in different languages. The following steps will help in checking a document for plagiarism with the Copyleaks software-

  • Sign up for the plagiarism scanning service of Copyleaks through the website.
  • Use the API Key to log-in.
  • After logging in, begin document comparison on Copyleaks 
  • A person can compare documents in any language as Copyleaks is compatible with different languages.
  • The completion of the scanning process is quick enough, and the result is highlighted.
  • The result is there in an editable format.

Hence, it is effortless to check documents with Copyleaks checker.

There are many free plagiarism checkers available online. However, to select the best plagiarism tool, it is essential to search for a plagiarism checker with a sophisticated algorithm for detecting copy content and data manipulation.

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