What Are The Techniques Used To Deceive Plagiarism Checkers?

In the world of e-learning, most articles, journals, assignments, and blogs are written with the aid of the internet. It leads to a probability of being copied. Currently, plagiarism is a genuine problem.

Unknowingly, everyone has copied some data from the internet. Most of the students in college cheat while writing their assignments. Moreover, copying from any other sources without the person’s concern is considered to be plagiarised. It is unethical and can even destroy the student’s reputation as well.

For instance, in the modern system of education, students have massive pressure. Frequently, they are assigned lots of assignments. Overloaded homework, shortage of time, and unplanned organization lead to a tendency of cheating. However, students can easily access the internet and quickly finishes their assignments.

Later on, they face much trouble when their projects go through cheat detection software. Their reasons are not valid at all if they submit plagiarized articles. 

Most writers face the same issue. Unknowingly, they have to face the challenges of being plagiarized.

How students deceive plagiarism checkers?

Well, there are a few techniques that are in deliberate usage.

Before proceeding, writers should have a clear idea about text modification, or preferably Digital text modification. Students use this technology while plagiarizing someone’s work. The writer believes that the teacher or the client won’t be to detect the copied words.

Let’s point out few rules to deceive plagiarism detection. Commonly, students opt for these methods to avoid plagiarism.

  •  Character replacement:  Students tend to use the characters in various manners. Thus, resulting in deceiving the content while processing through the plagiarism checker.
  •  Hidden Character:  Sometimes, they insert a hidden character within the duplicate content. Thus, the plagiarism report pops up to be negative. To avoid plagiarism, students use a blank character also.
  •  Unicode Character:  Even in some cases, students play with the vowels. Thus, passing through the plagiarism test. They work with a Unicode character. In this case, students replace the vowels. Due to this, anti-plagiarism detection cannot identify the copied item.
  •  Whitespace Character:  Another significant way of character replacement is the utilization of whitespace characters. In this method, there is an addition of an independent letter within a word. Later, white color is used as a letter color. Thus, while scanning, the plagiarism detector keeps the whitespace characters in its account. In such cases, examiners scrutinize the correct words as the whitespace characters do not appear.
  •  Citation of reference:  This is the vital part of avoiding plagiarism. It is essential to mention the appropriate source or references to their context.
  •  Missing Quotation Marks:  The addition of quotes within the context is acceptable, but they should be within a quotation mark. Moreover, using false references also give rise to the plagiarism issue.
  •  Fake References:  Even in a few cases, students have inserted fake references into context. They add in some non-existing sources to their assignments so that this doesn’t take much time.
  •  Modified format:  The plagiarism scanner can automatically read the text format. Surprisingly, when the identical material is submitted but in a different format, the software cannot detect plagiarism. This kind of malpractice is beneficial to the students. They can easily dodge the charge of plagiarism. Without any proper evaluation, the organization cannot prove the plagiary. Hence, this works as a savior.
  •  “Find and replace”:  Even in some cases, students use the function key, namely, “Find and replace” in MS Word. Again, this helps to keep the document plagiarism-free. Even they enable them to change few symbols from the Cyrillic alphabet into some identical letters. The Cyrillic alphabets are not recognizable. Thus the software fails to detect the plagiary.

How to Identify the Replaced Characters?

The above-said techniques deal with the procedure of deceiving plagiarism detection. Copyleaks has come up with a definite solution to all these highlighted issues. Artificial intelligence technology helps in detecting the hidden characters.

With the help of their software, the writer cannot hide any modification of text as well. Even more, the document can comfortably be inspected and also identify the hidden text. A genuine review of the character replacement is determined and identified without any failure.

How to Identify the Character Replacement?

  • The identified hidden text needs to have a thorough checking.
  • It is possible if the text is in a .txt format.
  • It can provide a review against the file which is visible (that is, .doc).
  • Software checks for all inconsistencies there in the text, helping the writers should avoid them.

How Efficient Is the Plagiarism Checker?

Here comes the most important query, and that is related to the plagiarism checker efficiency.

Right now, the students are intelligent enough to find out different ways to cheat. Thus, it is essential to process their paper through the best plagiarism checker. Amongst much online anti-plagiarism software, Copyleaks is the software that deals with AI-powered cheats detection capability. AI helps to identify the modified text and the character replacement as well.

Copyleaks also identifies the special characters or white letters with the help of AI. Writers have come across different ways of text modification and insertion of any characters or words within the text. This kind of documents does not appear as plagiarized.

Unfortunately, in the case of Copyleaks AI plagiarism detector, the error can easily be detected. Every trick of the writer goes through a proper check while scanning the document. Moreover, this developed and sophisticated detection tool of plagiarism is available online.

Most importantly, anyone can access their tool to scan the document. The software takes only a couple of seconds to deliver the reports with zero error. The plagiarism report consists of minute detailing. Even the result suggests the places where the cheat has been detected in the paper.

The copied text has the capability of ruining the career of the writers. For students, the cheated assignment may spoil their future. The duplication may cause knowingly as well as unknowingly. Therefore, it is always recommendable to achieve a negative certificate of plagiarism.

Cheating and duplicity have become well-known in the technical world. So the utilization of high-quality cheat detection tools and that too in online mode has elevated. It helps to prevent the assignments from being cheated. No need to worry anymore! The AI-powered plagiarism detection tool is easily accessible to all now. This software of Copyleaks is available in online mode. A writer can smoothly process their text to avoid plagiarism.

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