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Legal Professionals

As a legal advisor on any level, protecting intellectual property is something many people are looking to do and feel secure knowing it is taken care of. Whether it’s an IP case or other kind of copyright infringement, you want to ensure your client that their work is being protected, and in the case of a violation, you are prepared to help with the next steps. Our plagiarism checker for lawyers is the most thorough and comprehensive way to protect online content. The Copyleaks plagiarism checker’s advanced technology is able to scan through billions of pages of content and online databases to compare to your client’s work.

Our comparison search scans more than 60 trillion pages on the web including academic journals and password protected sites as well as our own internal database. Be sure your client’s work is protected or find evidence that others have used their work with Copyleaks.


Who can use it to detect plagiarized work?

Any lawyer, paralegal, and anyone on the legal team can easily use our technology. Our plagiarism checker lets you focus on what matters most-looking for evidence that copyright infringement has taken place and protecting your client’s original work. We know that thorough results are important to use in legal case and we give you the ability to monitor content at all times.

Give your clients the security they need with Copyleaks plagiarism detecting tool that conducts deep searches of similar content. Law students and apprentices can also benefit from our tools.

Why is Copyleaks the best legal plagiarism checker?

Our API-based software easily integrates with your client’s website to scan and compare against content that is online. If you are looking to scan a few documents you can also use the website service for a manual scan.

Easily compare two documents of text to each other to see how similar they are. Receive a comprehensive results report report including the suspected website URL, number of words and percentage, and highlighted passages. Copyleaks technology allows your original content to be protected with a routine scan.

All Languages

Whether you're a global firm or have a case with two different countries, our system can scan in all languages.

Any File Format

Upload all kinds of file formats without any problem.

Access on any device

Send scans and see results on your computer, tablet, or phone for on-the-go scanning.

Focused Results

Receive a comprehensive report of what similar text is being used elsewhere including the exact URL.

Scan Physical Text

Take photos of real text to compare it to online sources.


Easily integrate yours or your client's content with our API for routine and automatic scanning.

Check your content for plagiarism with Copyleaks today