Your Guide to Copyright Laws in India

Copyright is the legal right of the owner regarding intellectual property. In simpler terms, copyright provides the right to copy. Only those people can reuse the products to whom the original creators provide the individual right to reproduce the original material and give authorization. Copyright laws do not safeguard the ideas but express them. Indian […]

Everything You Need to Know About Reporting Copyright Infringement

Plagiarism occurs when information available in different sources is used without proper acknowledgment of the content creator’s source. People often indulge in plagiarism intentionally to complete a task that they lack the creativity to complete or are in a hurry to meet the deadline. People commonly confuse summarizing and paraphrasing as suitable alternatives for original […]

Guest Posts On The Copyleaks Blog

Write for Copyleaks and reach 500,000 monthly website visitors! Copyleaks constantly receives a very refined and educated audience, who are on the lookout for engaging and knowledgeable content.  It gets even sweeter. is a 8+ years old domain, with a high DA and very good trust level with Google!  Copyleaks is accepting guest posts! […]

Copyright Infringement: Arm Yourself With an Image Copyright Checker

Copyright© is a type of intellectual property (IP) that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of creative work, usually for a limited time. An image copyright checker will usually aim to determine whether an image belongs to an owner. It extends to any idea or product, including literary work, software, art, poetry, […]

Instagram Bio Ideas: Avoid Copyright Infringement Issues

‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ All the youngsters who are aspiring to become effective social media influencers and Instagram influencers give a quick read to learn how to avoid copyright infringement on your Instagram bio ideas and on social media in general. With the advancement of technology, people’s lives have been significantly easier. Be […]

Twitter Bio Ideas: How to Avoid Copyright Infringement on Twitter?

Nowadays, social media is playing an essential role in business marketing. For social media stars, it is a way to reach and interact with their followers and customers. For online businesses that need to create a good impression, social networking sites allow companies to contact their customers and convert their potential customers into customers. Therefore, […]

Social Media Copyright: How Does It Work in the Online World?

Social media is highly prevalent in the present scenario. The virtual platform is teeming with users sharing music, images, and videos through their social accounts. Creative work is often shared on social media to gain attention. Social media copyright usually takes a backseat because the number of likes and followers has become quite important in […]

5 Copywriting Tips for the Perfect Blog Writing

Five Easy Copywriting Tips to Make Better Content With the popularity of digital marketing, copywriting has gained high importance. A well-written copy can affect the sale or consumption of the service by addressing the readers and audience’s needs. For brochures, online sites, or blogs, the owners need a powerful, persuasive copy to reach their audience. […]

Sentence Checker: Check Plagiarism in Your Research Journals in No Time

Why You Need a Sentence Checker A sentence checker, or a plagiarism checker for research journals, helps to check the percentage of duplicate content in a research journal. Thus, saving the researcher from academic loss of the year, and reputation, as plagiarized content can harm both. Hence, a sentence checker or a plagiarism checker turns […]

Plagiarism in Canada: Laws, Consequences and Solution

What Is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is unethical as it is an act of stealing intellectual properties. Nowadays, the global scenario of publication is undergoing a rapid change. Many writers prefer to publish their work on online platforms. It is leading to an increased case of plagiarism. Canada is a country where plagiarism and copyright infringement are […]