SEO and Plagiarism

Today everything is online, easy to access and to find, which is why some content writers that are trying to add content to their websites to improve SEO, are sometimes tempted to plagiarize other sources. It is indeed relatively easy to copy an existing article, alter a few sentences and publish it as your own. However, search engines calculate plagiarism in their ranking algorithms, checking the originality of the content and punishing copyright offenders (SEOs call it duplicate content violation).

If search engines find two results to be too similar (sometimes even one copied sentence is enough) the original piece, that was first published, will be safe but the other will be deleted from next searches. It is of course a terrible outcome for the copying website and that is why it is crucial not to duplicate others content, from an SEO point of view (there are obviously legal perspectives as well).

So you want to publish content on your website and make sure you improve your SEO? First and again DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you do decide you want to use other sources make sure you have the owner’s permission, that you give the right credit and that you are familiar with the rules of paraphrasing. Finally, before publishing check your content with plagiarism checker to make sure you are safe.

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